Spam protection for businesses – our spam filter service protects your email mailboxes from spam, malware and viruses.

    Protection against malicious emails

    The spam filter service offers the highest detection rates in the market with a guaranteed spam detection of 99.9% and a virus detection of 99.99%. It protects the mail server from DDoS attacks and users from phishing emails. Over 95% of all spam is blocked upon arrival – as a result, the quarantine remains clear and easy to manage.

    Compliance, transparency and control

    The spam filter service offers companies the option to lay down the rules for the use and monitoring of emails as means of communication. For this to happen, a high level of transparency and control is needed. These requirements allow Hornetsecurity to use a role-based rights management system to collect large amounts of statistical email data and track live emails.

  • Easy management
  • Ease of use
  • Protecting legitimate email traffic


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