Avira Antivirus Server

Avira Antivirus Server
“Avira Antivirus Server protects my business files and customer data from malicious attacks without hogging my system’s resources.”


Award-winning security
Avira Antivirus Server offers web protection, traffic filtering, and a powerful engine, which protects your business files and customer data from 30 million daily threats.

On-access protection
Our real-time cloud technology secures your running processes, files on access, and system memory against spyware, rootkits, and other hidden malware.

On-demand protection
We secure all the confidential information stored on your hard drives. For your convenience and security, choose between manual scans or schedule them automatically.

Network protection
Avira Antivirus Server prevents viruses from spreading across all nodes and infecting your network. We keep your corporate secrets safe, private, and out of hackers’ hands.

Even with powerful antivirus technology running, your servers maintain their peak performance under heavy loads.

Fast updates
Fast and free virus definition updates are delivered automatically to your servers without hogging your bandwidth or holding up your workflow.

Easy to manage
Our modern, clearly structured user interface lets you manage your antivirus program with ease. Your security status is visible at a glance and scan logs are easily retrievable.

No maintenance costs
No maintenance or other hidden costs. Avira doesn’t interfere with server uptime or availability. Outstanding customer support is there when you need it and included in the service.

Operating systems:
Windows Server 2008 R2 and new-generation servers (2012/2012 R2)


1.4 GHz 64-bit processor*

Hard disk:
Additional 1.8 GB free disk space plus space for temporary files and quarantine